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Many individuals involved in car, trucking, or bicycle accidents wonder how much insurance the at-fault driver(s) carried at the time of the crash and whether the insurance is sufficient to cover their injuries and damages. Fortunately, there’s a way to find out. On January 1, 2020, the Colorado legislature passed a law requiring auto and […]

The Colorado General Assembly has implemented strict damages caps on non-economic damages. Let’s start with the basics. Non-economic damages are claimed in almost every personal injury and wrongful death claim. In addition to claiming damages for economic losses and permanent impairment, a claimant may ask to be compensated for non-economic damages which includes damages for […]

7/12/22 – Liz Hart On my first day of work as a brand new lawyer, one of the senior partners called me into his office. He wisely explained, “You are a new lawyer which means that you will make mistakes. If you make a mistake, the worst thing you can do is not tell me. […]

A car wreck can leave people in shock and unsure about what to do. You may be hurt. Your vehicle has been damaged. The other driver may even claim that the accident was your fault when it was not. It can be a difficult and confusing time. Below is a quick summary of things to […]

7/7/22 – W. Randolph Barnhart Thanks to my late father, I began fly fishing at age 10.  To this day it remains my favorite pastime.  I have fished on all the continents except Africa and Antarctica.  Naturally, my primary fishing has been in Colorado, in the South Platte, Arkansas, Colorado River and Rio Grande drainages.  […]

7/4/22 – Melissa A. Hailey Every Fourth of July, we Americans have the privilege of observing Independence Day.  It is on its face a day of fun filled with good food, fireworks, and time with friends and family.  It is at its core a celebration of American freedom – an annual reminder that we, as […]

The Duties of Insurers There are two basic types of insurance claims in Colorado: first-party claims and third-party claims.  First-party claims are claims brought against your own insurer.  First-party claims often concern benefits owed to you under an auto, homeowners, commercial property, disability, or health insurance policy.  More seldom, first-party claims may be brought against […]

The Process How a Claim Resolves Every personal injury case is different. Most take months or even years to resolve. Your personal injury case will resolve in one of two ways: (1) a settlement; or (2) a jury verdict. Over 95% of civil cases resolve through a settlement. A settlement is an agreement with the […]

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